Can anyone be a mentor?

Can anyone be a mentor?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, absolutely anyone can be a mentor. But please reflect on this, can anyone make an effective mentor? Is ‘anyone’ suitable to be a mentor? Can anyone with 'lived experience' and good intentions be an effective mentor?

Here is an extract from the Children’s Commissioners Paper, ‘Forging futures through mentoring, is it a risk worth pursuing?’ , from a mentor practitioner.

Often volunteer mentors are put into the role with, if they’re lucky, 48 hours of training, and that's a lot... Many schemes only had four hours’ training before they started and it’s criminal to let people with that little training loose on kids who’ve got complex problems, it’s just not right.

Mentoring is a skill and there are certain standards and ethics that should be part of mentoring and are not just based on lived experience and good intentions. Untrained mentors come with such a huge risk and we definitely should not be imposing any additional risk to already vulnerable young people. We should also not risk the reputation of those people we are asking to mentor without giving them the appropriate skills and knowledge.

With trauma informed, certified mentor training, mentors can positively change the lives of young people.

CSMentoring run bespoke 3-day certified youth mentoring courses to help equip community mentors, professionals, volunteers, foster carers and those who work with children, the skills, knowledge and support that they need to mentor young people effectively.

On the course designed by internationally renowned behaviour expert and mentor Richard Daniel Curtis. we cover:

Good practice



Working with young people

Structuring mentoring conversations

Working with groups

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Mental health

Record keeping

On completion of the Certified Mentor for Youth Course, mentors will have entry on the national register of mentors and one year’s free support from ‘The Mentoring School’ and CSMentoring.

Lets show our mentors how much we support and value them and work together to positively change the lives of young people.

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